Artist organization, GLOVEBOX is hosting its first ever film festival June 11th at the Somerville Theatre. This juried festival will showcase short films and animations from emerging artists. The Festival is also hosting a mini poetry slam in between films.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Jeremy Alliger

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our next judge, Mr. Jeremy Alliger!

Jeremy Alliger

JEREMY ALLIGER, is the Executive Producer of Alliger Arts, and was the founder and for 20 years the Artistic and Executive Director of Dance Umbrella, one of the most active producers of contemporary dance in the U.S. He is the Producer/Creator of "Cool Heat Urban Beat", an international Jazz Tap/Hip Hop percussive touring show, producer of the award winning, “Coming Up For Air: An AutoJAZZography”, and genre shattering, “GIMP” He has produced over 15 unique festival gatherings and touring productions, including the first-ever Aerial Dance Festival, numerous Jazz Tap and Hip Hop festivals and tours, and the unprecedented International Festival of Wheelchair Dance. For his artistic leadership and his commitment to challenge perceptions, push boundaries, and promote cultural understanding he has received the prestigious state of Massachusetts "Commonwealth Award” and the National Disability Rights “Eagle” award. He was received Emerson College’s "Alumni Achievement" Award. Mr. Alliger was a featured speaker at the Kennedy Center/National Forum on Careers in the Arts for people with Disabilities. He has served as a Panel Chair at the National Endowment for the arts, and the Chair of the Boston Cultural Council, appointed by Mayor Menino. He has served as a panelist and artistic advisor for a long list of organizations including the MacArthur and Guggenheim Foundations. He spearheaded the creation of a Multicultural Dance Curriculum. Inside Arts Magazine published his essay, "A Lasting Impact beyond the Stage" He serves on the board of VSA Arts of Massachusetts .

"My passion is to present performances that shatter preconceived notions about what dance and performance is. My passion is to identify and support new movement trends. The work is always about quality, excitement, creating opportunity and developing new audiences with an appetite for experimentation"

-Jeremy Alliger, Executive Producer

Experience The Unexpected!

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