Artist organization, GLOVEBOX is hosting its first ever film festival June 11th at the Somerville Theatre. This juried festival will showcase short films and animations from emerging artists. The Festival is also hosting a mini poetry slam in between films.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Experimental Film Artist: Douglas Urbank

Douglas Urbank is an artist and experimental filmmaker.  He is co-host of a radio program “The Pinwheels of Your Mind,” devoted to experimental, improvisational, and other unconventional music and sound art, on Boston College’s WZBC, and a member of the Fort Point Arts Community and Fort Point Theatre Channel.  He has a BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University with a focus on sculpture and drawing.  And is an identical twin.
Both Migration and Mother are made from hand altered 16 mm and super 8 mm film.  Sound for both is by composer and experimental saxophonist, Jorrit Dijkstra (http://www.jorritdijkstra.com/).  The Migration soundtrack was improvised and recorded live during a presentation of the film as part of a Church of the Advent Library Concert Series program, February 2011. Both Films are Official Selections of the Glovebox Short Film and Animation Festival. 

Still Frames from Film, Migration

Video Poem

Shot in Berlin Germany during summer 2010, and Vancouver BC during winter 2009, Self, Somebody, Specimen, Sprit is a contemplative video poem that depicts animals, insects, and people in ordinary scenes, that seem to be caught in a state of somnambulance.

The piece opens with scientific archival footage of a cat sleepwalking and continues with a spare, stirring text, composed by the artist, accompanying brief shots that meditate, with a metaphysical tone, on personhood and care for individuals.
At intervals, a square lens held by the artist is placed in front of the camera lens, adding a level of mediation to the image and defining the artist as a guide. At the conclusion, this guide suggests a set of general life instructions to the viewer that seem comforting, caring, yet ethereal and elusive. 

Self, Somebody, Specimen, Sprit by artist, Sarah Rushford is an Official Selection of the Glovebox Film and Animation Festival.  See the film June 11, 2011 at the Somerville Theatre at 5:00PM.  See the Official Festival Schedule and Information on tickets.

After the Torment

Learn how the movie was made from Filmmaker Jason O'Brien and see the feature film June 11, 2011 at the Somerville Theatre:

It all started with a feature screenplay called Beautiful Torment, which I had spent over a year writing. It was a very personal story, told through the lives of a group of nine people who all come back together for their 20th high school reunion, and the surreal night that takes place after the reunion. 

On March 30, 2008, not long after midnight, I finally completed the screenplay. 

In an effort to help raise the funding to make the feature, I went ahead and started casting the film, believing a packaged production with an experienced cast would help to get the financing. myself and my crew spent six months fielding all kinds of auditions, both in Birmingham and in New York City, and from submissions from all over the world, and finally made the decisions for the nine main roles, as well as some supporting roles. 

But then, the reality of the difficulties of raising money for independent film productions set in, and it’s been a long process of facing many rejections, but the passion of this cast and crew has never diminished. 

In fact, one of those cast members, Gerald Keyzer, stumbled upon an idea in 2010: Why not create a new short film involving some of the characters from the feature? So I quickly thought through some ideas, wrote a short script in May of 2010, and Gerald, along with his directing partner, Adam J. Boyer, shot the film in New York in November of 2010, shipped the footage to Jason to edit, and After the Torment is the result. A film that tells the story of what happens to two of the characters in the feature film a year after the events in Beautiful Torment, but stands alone as the story of two people who never gave their mutual attraction a chance, and who get one last opportunity to see if they were meant to be together all along. - Jason O'Brien

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Interview, Insider's Scoop!

Reinaldo Marcus Green 

THE INTERVIEW When Ty Bedford meets Wallace Landry he is in for a treat once the interview unexpectedly takes one wrong turn after another. The film juxtaposes ignorance and innocence and the prejudices that uniquely underlie both. The film stars, Keith Josef Adkins, a success playwright and creenwriter. Among the many accolades for his work, Adkins has written for the opular and critically acclaimed television series Girlfriends

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mark Mullaney

Mei-Yu Chen

Official Glovebox Selection, Mei-Yu Chen is an animation student in Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester New York. She is from Taiwan and obtained her Fine-Arts degree in Taipei National University of Arts. As an animator and artist, She devotes to combine the arts of her home culture in to animation works.  Below are the stills from her animation, "Burning Bright."  Come to the Film Festivalon June 11, 2011 to see the feature animation.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ticket Info

Tickets are FREE and can be picked up on June 11, 2011 starting at 1PM.  The festival begins at 2PM.  All filmmakers automatically have 2 tickets reserved for them during the section and time in which their film is showing.  If the filmmakers do not show for their screening, these tickets will be dispersed to the public.  The theatre is a 31 seat theatre and tickets will be based on first come, first serve.  There are several sections of film categories throughout the day and each category has it's own ticket, so if you get a ticket for the first category it is not good for the second.  You must have a ticket for each category you wish to see.  Get there early to claim your seat and get your Saturday on with Glovebox!  If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact glovebox.jodie@gmail.com.  This information can always be found on the tickets page of this blog.  Stay tuned for the categories of the Festival, Coming Soon!

Ryan Maguire

Film Artist and an Official Selection for the Glovebox Film Festival, Ryan Maguire, created this poster for the Glovebox Short Film and Animation Festival.  And, not that we are counting but it is exactly 2 weeks away!  We are locked up here like animals at Midway Studios putting everything together while the sun is beaming outside.  WE HATE YOU good weather, you only come out to play when we are inside!  We do it for you Boston, we do it for YOU!  Be there June 11, 2011 at the Somerville Theatre.  Tickets are FREE, but you have to get there early to claim them!  Film times and additional information will be posted after the long weekend about the festival.

Official Glovebox Laurel!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Here is a sneak preview of one of the Films that will be showcased at the Glovebox Short Film and Animation Festival on June 11, 2011 at the Somerville Theatre.  The trailer of "Sleeping with Frank" by Lily Baldwin hints at the romantic and eloquent physical lines of dance, translated into narrative lines of the unfolding story.  Cheers to Ms. Baldwin for her perfect embrace of two art forms into one!