Artist organization, GLOVEBOX is hosting its first ever film festival June 11th at the Somerville Theatre. This juried festival will showcase short films and animations from emerging artists. The Festival is also hosting a mini poetry slam in between films.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

how we got inspired to start a film festival....

When Co-Founder of GLOVEBOX, Jodie Baehre came back from a study abroad trip from Barcelona, it wasn't the freak snow storm, food poisening, hospital, fire on her plane or the car accident on the way home from South Station that she remebered most....okay well at first it was...BUT after much reflecting it was the organization she spoke with in Spain, MODIband and their open air film festival, Sala Mont Juic.

MODIband  is an organization much like GLOVEBOX.  Both organizations were started by friends who had an idea that hadn't been done before, a spark to take something into their own hands and make it their own.  MODIband is a young catalonian organization who wanted to start an open air film festival that was affordable to the residents of Barcelonia and Catalunya and also worthy of not just great films but films that would compliment the space they chose.  What started as a small gathering has grown to festival that attracts over 5,000 people each year to the hilltops of Catalunya.

Our artist organization (GLVBX), has been very successful in showcasing the talents and work of local visual artists through exhibitions and events.  The community that GLVBX represents is fresh, young and full of ideas.  This very first GLOVEBOX film festival represents our inspiration from MODIband and the Sala Mont Juic film festival.  We hope that our first modest attempt will lead to bigger and better festivals over the years.  So...come rock out with us this June 2011, and if you are ever in Barcelona in the summer check out MODIband and all they have accomplished.
all photos from MODIband and Sala MontJuic film festival

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